Below you will find images of all available works categorized by series. To view the entire collection, click on the GALLERY link above. If you are unable to find a form from the available section below, an original piece from the GALLERY section can be recreated by commission in the same likeness. Each piece is hand crafted, and a unique artwork, so some variations from the original form should be a welcomed expectation.

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Many of the forms in this collection are a combination of wheel thrown and hand built constructions. Using a potters wheel, these structures are formed by altering, shaping, and compressing the clay`s surface area. In rotation, the clay is methodically worked until the surface is no longer recognizable compared to it`s original state. The repetitive method of this process becomes meditative and causes my whole self to move in a familiar and automatic way.  Conceptually my hand and the clay systematically merge and reveal the object, like record of time, a tangible monument to the method of the structures creation. The forms in this series are meticulously shaped to include an organic geometry that has occurred thematically within my work for over two decades. It is my hope that these works express the same feeling of balance and unity to the viewer, as I receive when creating them.


The horizontal and wall structures are a combination of hand building and relief carving. Working in the medium of clay for many years, I have discovered the inherent beauty within the unaltered, raw state of the material. Realizing the dichotomy of attempting to perfect a surface with a potter`s wheel that already holds an inherent flawlessness has caused me to expand upon my research. This awareness has influenced my desire to create a sculptural series that holds a truth in materials. These works convey a less contrived form, by allowing the soft clay to move, separate, and settle during construction. These forms are more reactive and determined by random variables that are based upon the structural integrity of the material. The contact of the hand and the weight of the clay become more apparent in the surface quality of these works. The final static sculptural form is a record of my physical interaction, and reveals the process involved in the structure’s form. The horizontal structures are meant to convey a harmonious balance between the material and the physical process of its alteration.